Community Care

Community Service Partnership

The City of Center Line Ordinance Department has partnered with the Center Line High School to create the “Community Service Partnership.” This “partnership” is a volunteer program that joins the Ordinance Department and Center Line High School together to help students reach the 20 hours of volunteer services needed for their graduation ceremony.

The Ordinance Department was made aware of a residence that had over grown vegetation surrounding the property. Ordinance Officer Allen reached out to the elderly resident and learned that they were physically unable to maintain their property. Chief Ordinance Officer Petroff and Allen coordinated the cleanup effort with the homeowner and the school. A vehicle was removed from the property, a dead tree limb was trimmed with the coordinated/donated service of a landscape company, and cleanup of the overgrown vegetation was completed with the assistance of Center Line High School junior “Jack”.

A big thank you to Center Line H.S. student “Jack”, the landscape company for their volunteer service, and our resident for allowing us to assist in keeping our community looking good.

Our department has established resources to assist our community in many ways. We look forward to assisting our residents and the partnership with Center Line High School in creating the “Community Service Partnership” program.


DTE Tree Trimming:

 DTE will trim trees up to a 15 radius around DTE electrical equipment only.

  • DTE will remove debris of small limbs and branches.
  • Large debris will be left behind for disposal by the homeowner.
  • Keep the Service drop (power line that runs from the electrical pole near your property, to your home), free from vegetation, which will help prevent power outages. The Service Drop in the home owners responsibility. 
  • Safety: do not climb, trim, or work on trees near the power line

** For more information see:   *** Residents may also contact Ordinance Enforcement (586-757-6800) for assistance.

Listed below are places in or near Center Line that will accept items that cannot be disposed of in your regular garbage pickup by GFL.

Old Appliances:

   • Nice Appliance – Used appliances and repair. 25748 Van Dyke, Center Line, 586-293-2749.    

Will accept old/unused and not working appliances. The appliances must be dropped off at 25748 Van Dyke, Center Line. 
A nominal fee may be given for some appliances.

Used motor oil:

  • O’Reilly’s Auto Parts: 7407 10 Mile, Center Line, 586-756-9170
  • Auto Zone: 7550 10 Mile, Center Line,  586-759-8701

** Will accept up to 5 gallons of Motor Oil only. Both will also accept used car batteries for recycling in which you receive a $10.00 in-store gift card.

Propane tanks disposal:

  • Van Dyke Gas: 23823 Sherwood, Center Line, 586-757-8500

** Will accept 20 gallon barbeque tanks for a $5.00 fee. NO CAMPING PROPANE STYLE CYLINDERS ARE ACCEPTED FOR DISPOSAL.

Used tire disposal:

  • Discount Tire: 26805 Van Dyke, Center Line, 586-754-1850.

       ** Will accept up to 3 tires


  • Vehicles, junk or unwanted maybe removed from your property, with the vehicle title, by contacting a tow service.
  •  Ellis Brother’s Towing: Warren, 586-248-5584
  •  Service Towing: Warren, 586-756-9500

Ordinance Issues

If you have been approached by an Ordinance Officer regarding:
 • materials left in the street
 • construction materials left on the sidewalk
 • tree removal done without an application and approval 

Please see the ordinances below for clarification.

Sec. 62-19 – Leaving, depositing, spilling etc., material on streets:

 No person shall throw, scatter, drop, deposit any leaves, hay, refuse, rubbish, straw, chips, stones, bricks, ice, dirt, manure, filth, ashes, shavings, earth, or loose articles or material in any public place, street, alley, nor shall any person permit the substances to drop, spill or be blown from any vehicle while hauling on the streets, alleys, or public place.

  • Sec. 62-49 – Removal of construction and repair material:

 No person owning, repairing, building any house or other building shall permit any lumber, brick, mortar, plaster, clay, stone, sand, earth or any other material on the sidewalk after sunset of the day upon which it was placed there, without written permission, from the Director of Public Safety, subject to any safeguards he/she may prescribe.

  • Tree removal and replacement in public ways:

No occupant or owner of any premises shall remove a tree located in the public way abutting his/her premises without first submitting an application to the Department of Public Works (DPW). DPW may approve the application and proposed method and manner of work to be performed in compliance with the Arboricultural Specifications and Standards of Practice and other regulations adopted pursuant to this chapter, including the following:


  1. Application must state number and kind of trees to be removed, a detailed reason for removal, and any other revenant information DPW shall find necessary.
  2. Upon receipt of the application, the city in its sole discretion, may have an Arborist conduct an assessment of the tree(s), considering , without limitation, health, value of the species, benefits to the environment and potential future damage to infrastructure. The cost of the his assessment will be paid by the city.
  3. If the Arborist determines, in its sole discretion, the tree(s) are healthy, the owner or occupant may authorize the city to remove the tree at the occupant’s/owner’s sole cost and expense. The removal of any trees under this section is subject to the following additional conditions:
  1. The city shall hire a professional, qualified contactor for the removal of the tree(s). The contactor must provide acceptable insurance coverage and agree to indemnify and defend the city against any/all claims related to such tree(s) removal. 
  2. Each tree removed under this subsection, the city will plant a new tree, either in the public way of in a similar location, or on the owner’s private property, as the removed tree, at the owner’s sole cost and expense. If determined the owner’s private property has at least two or more trees currently planted on their private property, for each public property tree removed at the property owner’s request , then the property owner would be allowed a waiver of the requirements to replace said tree(s). The owner shall select the new tree from a list of approved types/varieties of trees to be published by DPW.
  3. If the Arborist determines , its sole discretion, the tree is dead or infected by disease of by injurious insects, the city shall remove the tree(s). Each tree removed under this subsection, the city shall place a new tree in the public way of on the public property from a list of approved types or varieties of trees to be published by DPW. The cost of such removal and re-planting under this subsection (c) shall be paid for by the city.   

For more information use the link below to go to the Municode page for Center Line: