Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

What is a Downtown Development Authority (DDA)?

FINAL_DDAThe DDA is a civic group focused on the betterment of businesses along Van Dyke Avenue and 10 Mile Road in Center Line. The Downtown Development Authority Act (Public Act 197 of 1975 of the State of Michigan) provides the legal mechanism for city officials to address the needs and encourage economic development within the City of Center Line business district. This act seeks to attack problems of urban decline, strengthen existing areas, and encourage new private development in the downtown districts. It seeks to accomplish this goal by providing communities with the necessary legal, monetary, and organizational tools to revitalize downtown districts, either through public-initiated projects or in concert with private development projects. The manner in which the DDA chooses to make use of these tools does, of course, depend on the problems and opportunities facing each particular city and the development priorities sought by the city in the revitalization of its business district.

For more information on the Center Line DDA, call Dennis E. Champine, DDA Director at 586-757-6800 or email him.

Center Line Economic Development Strategy

View the Center Line Economic Development Strategy (PDF).

Master Plan

View the City of Center Line Downtown Development Authority Master Plan (PDF), adopted November 2015.