Boards & Commissions

Current Board and Commission Openings:

• DDA Board

• Board of Review

• Beautification Commission

• Planning Commission

• Zoning Board of Appeals

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1. Applicants do not need to appear at the City Council meeting when their nomination to a Board or Commission is considered for confirmation by the City Council. 

2. Applicants will be contacted by the Mayor should he/she wish to interview them. If your application is rejected by the Mayor based upon merit, you will be contacted by the Mayor.

3. Appointments to Boards and Commissions are made as needed, and openings will be announced on the City’s website and the local cable channel.

4. Appointments are considered as needed during monthly City Council meetings.

 Click below for a list of required skill sets by Board or Commission.
 Board & Commission Skill Sets List

Bylaws for Commissions are available here:

Center Line DDA Bylaws

Planning Commission Bylaws

Zoning Board of Appeals Bylaws


In addition to the City Council, the City has numerous Boards and Commissions that contribute to the every-day operation of the City Government.

Regular Basis Meetings

These Boards and Commissions meet on a regular basis:

Occasional / As Needed Meetings

These Boards and Commissions meet occasionally or as needed

Membership or Questions

If you are interested in membership on any of the Boards or Commissions should contact the City Manager's Office at 586-757-6800 for further information.