City Manager / City Clerk

Welcome to the Michigan City of Center Line!

Message from the City Manager

"We are all on the same page"

Over the past seven years, I have had the pleasure of serving the people and businesses of Center Line as the City Manager/Clerk/DDA Director. My goals, when I started this role, was to maintain Center Line’s small-town lifestyle, and bring forth new business opportunities, all while aggressively enforcing the laws of our community.

Since my arrival, we have built a team that is second to none in providing the very best municipal services, such as a return to residential sidewalk snow removal; implementing business friendly business development processes, to include the Business Development Incentive Program; reducing millage rates, and increasing revenues from other sources, such as securing more than $3.5 million in grant funds, state and federal special project funding and increasing the occupancy rates of the industrial zone with the establishment of cannabis business opportunities, partnership with the U.S. Army Garrison in Warren to provide services, such as Architect and Engineering, Solid Waste Removal, Grounds and Building Maintenance, to that military installation.  In just seven years, the city team has successfully increased revenues by more than $6 million by achieving the aforementioned goals. Those extra revenue funds have allowed your political leadership to update city parks, roadways, sidewalks, public buildings, and underground infrastructure at no additional cost to you. Why have we had this success? Your administrative team and political leadership are all on the same page. We have asked the residents and businesses for their input on what you want, and as a team, we have worked towards one goal. Identify needs and wants, and then getting them. This concerted effort has resulted in Center Line increasing its population to over 9,000 residents, increased business investment (more than $60 million), increase property values to unprecedented levels; 67% increased residential market values, 70% increase in industrial market values, and 22% increase in commercial market values. All over the past seven years.  When people work together towards the same goal, so much more gets done!

I am blessed to have been given another six years to continue leading the city’s administrative team, public safety, DPW, Parks and Recreation and Public Library, in the operation of the city and its services. I vow to continue working closely with your political leadership and our team to achieve the next set of goals. Keep your eyes on the future, as new businesses investments and developments are coming soon, to include occupancies in buildings that have been vacant far too long.

I wish to thank the Center Line community for its support of my office and vow to keep moving the community forward.

If you need help getting the services that you expect and deserve, with a smile and respect, please feel free to contact me directly at 586-757-6800 or email me.

I am proud to be serving you!

Dennis E. Champine