City Manager / City Clerk

Welcome to the Michigan City of Center Line!

Message from the City Manager

"Small Town Lifestyle in the Heart of Metro-Detroit"

What a wonderful opportunity I have experienced while serving the tax-payers of Center Line for the past several years! The people and businesses of this small town have been so gracious and kind to me over the years, and I have learned so much about the pride and dedication of it's residents. I am so very thankful for the help and support I have received from everyone during my tenure as the City Manager/City Clerk and DDA Director.

When I was offered the position of City Manager, I made a commitment to keep Center Line's traditional values in tact, and push forward an agenda where our neighborhoods and business districts would prosper. To that end, I, in partnership with your Mayor and City Council, have been committed to improving city services, infrastructure, neighborhoods, commercial districts, and industrial corridors for the benefit of the taxpaying public. We have had so many successes throughout these past few years, and there is so much more to come in the future.  The Detroit Regional Partnership has said Center Line is one of Metro Detroit's up and coming communities, and the statistics show how our work is paying off. Center Line's population is growing unlike many outer-ring communities of Detroit. For the first time in over 20 years, Center Line has more than 9,000 residents, and they're staying put according to SEMCOG. Property values continue to rise and in 2018 Center Line's residential property values rose the most in Macomb County increasing 16.8%. Why the success? You are the reason, everyone is pitching in and doing their part. Thank you for being the community you are! Together we will make Center Line the place to be in Metro-Detroit.

If you need help getting the services that you expect and deserve, with a smile and respect, please feel free to contact me directly at 586-757-6800 or email me.

I am proud to be serving you!

Dennis Champine