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Property Tax Estimator

You can now access estimates on property taxes by local unit and school district.  Property Tax Estimator.

Center Line Internet Services Website

The new Center Line internet services website is up and running. Residents, Real Estate Agents and Title Companies will be able to use this service to do everything from looking up utility bill balances to running comparable sales figures for properties using a variety of filters such as time of sale, square footage, etc.

Visit the Center Line internet services website-(BSAOnline).

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Subscribe to Fraud Guard Alerts

- Fraud Guard is a simple way to be alerted of possible property fraud. Register your name and when a document is recorded with your name on it you will be notified via email. This gives you early warning of property fraud being committed in your name.
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Assessment Process

- Each year the City Assessor is responsible for verifying the information on all building permits. This involves the physical inspection and measurement of the property where some type of physical change has been completed. This is an important step in the assessment process.

- As a property owners, it is important for you to verify your assessment records. It is important that the assessment records are accurate and that all properties are treated uniformly. If you would like to view your assessment records, please call 586-757-6800 to make an appointment.

The Assessing Department consists of the City Assessor who is certified as a Michigan Advanced Assessor from the State Assessors Board. The Assessor's responsibility is the discovery, listing, and valuation of all properties within the assessing jurisdiction. The primary purpose of the Assessing Department is to estimate the fair market value, or "true cash value," of all real and personal properties located within the City of Center Line.

The Assessing Department does not create value. Rather, value is created by economic forces in the market of buyers and sellers. The Assessor has the responsibility to study the transactions of the market and to appraise all property in accordance with market trends. The Assessing Department also keeps track of ownership changes, maintains maps of parcel boundaries, maintains legal descriptions for all land, and prepares sketches of all buildings summarizing their characteristics.