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Financial Transparency Reports for the city of Center Line

Residents, property owners, occupants and businesses:

Over the next six months, the City of Center Line DPW will be inspecting city owned water meters, many of which are located inside your homes and businesses.  We ask that you allow the City DPW to access your home or business when they visit. DPW employees shall have proper identification and city attire. Property owners and/or occupants will be notified prior to any visit. Please contact the DPW Superintendent, Nick Schaefer at 586-758-8278 with any questions or concerns.”


“State of Michigan Lead and Copper Rules require local water providers to investigate water service connections”

 “The State of Michigan Lead and Copper Rules have resulted in substantial unfunded mandates, one of which is the requirement of local governments to determine if water service lines from the city service stop box to residential home water meters are connected to city water service via lead or copper pipes.  This process is identified as a Water Service Investigation, and randomly selected home and business water service lines will be investigated. If your property was selected, your participation in this program is required by State statute, and you will receive notification no less than two days prior to the City’s contractor, Underground Infrastructure Services, LLC (UIS), visiting your property, which includes a need for access to your water meter. Homes that are selected for the “Water Service Investigation” will see members of USI, who must have proper identification, drill two small holes in the property front yard adjacent to the water service stop box. These small holes will be approximately 12-inches in diameter, drilled down about five feet. The holes will be backfilled and restored with topsoil and grass seed.

 Selected homes interior water service meters will also be investigated for lead and copper materials, and the UIS team members can either be given access to the home for the investigation or the homeowner can photograph, as instructed, the water meter connections on each side of the water meter. If you were selected, detailed instructions will be included in the notification letter delivered to your home prior to the scheduled investigation.

 Please see the below list of streets and timelines for the investigations on those streets.  Again, if your home was selected you will receive notification by letter at your home approximately two days prior to the scheduled investigation.

 Your cooperation regarding this State of Michigan mandated requirement is appreciated.

 City of Center Line”

 Street                                                   Date of Investigation

 8000 block of Bernice                     10/17/2022 – 10/18/2022

8000 block of McKinley                 10/18/2022 – 10//19/2022

8000 block of Menge                     10/19/2022 – 10/21/2022

8000 block of Potomac                  10/21/2022 – 10/24/2022

Virginia Park                                        10/24/2022 – 10/25/2022

Busch                                                   10/25/2022 – 10/26/2022

Central                                                 10/26/2022 – 10/27/2022

8000 block of Dale                           10/27/2022 – 10/31/2022

8000 block of Helen                           10/31/2022 – 11/2/2022

Lillian                                                    11/2/2022

Sunburst                                              11/3/2022 – 11/4/2022

Burt                                                       11/4/2022

Central                                                 11/4/2022 – 11/7/2022

Comfort                                               11/7/2022 – 11/8/2022

Harding                                                11/8/2022 – 11/10/2022

Lorraine                                               11/10/2022

Ritter                                                     11/11/2022

Warren Blvd.                                      11/11/2022

8000 block of Coolidge                  11/11/2022 – 11/15/2022

8000 block of Edward                        11/15/2022 – 11/16/2022

Kaltz                                                     11/16/2022

Standard                                               11/16/2022 – 11/17/2022

8000 block of State Park                    11/17/2022 – 11/18/2022

8000 block of Sterling                     11/18/2022 – 11/21/2022

8000 block of Superior                   11/21/2022 – 11/22/2022

7000 block of Bernice                     11/22/2022

Lawrence Ave.                                  11/22/2022

Liberal                                                    11/22/2022

7000 block of McKinley                      11/22/2022 – 11/23/2022

7000 block of Menge                           11/23/2022

7000 block of Potomac                  11/23/2022

7000 block of Dale                           11/25/2022

7000 block of Helen                        11/28/2022

Voerner                                               11/29/2022

6000/7000 block of Engleman     11/29/2022 – 11/30/2022

Gronow                                               11/30/2022

Jenerous                                             11/30/2022

Weingartz                                               11/30/2022

Wiegand                                                 12/1/2022

7000 block of Coolidge                        12/1/2022 – 12/2/2022

7000 block of Edward                          12/2/2022 – 12/5/2022

Godin                                                    12/5/2022

Henry                                                    12/5/2022 – 12/6/2022

Landau                                                 12/6/2022 – 12/7/2022

Sherwood Ave.                                 12/7/2022 – 12/8/2022

State Park                                            12/7/2022 – 12/8/2022

E. 10 Mile                                            12/8/2022

Wyland                                                 12/8/2022

7000 block of Standard                     12/9/2022

7000 block of Stephens                    12/9/2022 – 12/13/2022

7000 block of Superior                      12/13/2022 – 12/14/2022

Wood                                                   12/14/2022

Van Dyke Ave.                                   12/14/2022 – 12/15/2022

 If you have any questions, please contact the City Engineer, AEW, Paul Guinnane at 586-726-1234, Ext. 143

 City of Center Line


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