When are bus tickets available?

Bus tickets are available periodically and given to qualifying residents. For more information on when bus tickets are available please call City Hall at 586-757-6800.

Who can recieve bus tickets?

Residents who are senior citizens with valid photo identification or residents receiving disability.

 What is in the Game Room?

Our game room has 3 pool tables,  a bumper pool table, table tennis, an air hockey table, and shuffle board.

Who may use the Game Room?

Residents 18 and over must present valid identification. Residents between the ages of 10 and 18 must know their current address and show current school ID. Children under 10 years of age may not be in the game room for safety purposes. 

What are the guidelines for renting the Recreation Rooms?

You do not have to be a Center Line resident to rent our facility. Valid identification is needed to reserve the rooms and payment is due in full when the reservation is made. The game room is available for an additional fee.

When are the rooms available to rent?

Room are available from September through May. Rooms are not available during June, July and August.

 Who can rent the pavilions?

Pavilions are available for residents only. Valid identification with current address must be presented in order to reserve a pavilion.

When do pavilion reservations begin being taken?

We will begin taking reservations on February 2, 2015 at 9:00 a.m.







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