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Waste Removal


We have received confirmation from GFL that our trash pickup will be delayed by

1 day if the holiday falls during the week with the exception that if a holiday falls on a Friday – no delay


Waste Removal Information


On July 1, 2003, the City of Center Line residents began to participate in a curb side recycling program. The existing mixed waste collection and compost (Yard Waste) program will also continue. This new service is a result of the new contract that the City of Center Line has entered into with Great Lakes Waste Services. Residents pick up schedule will remain as it has in the past as follows:

Tuesday— East of Van Dyke to Lorraine from Stephens Drive north to Harding.
Wednesday— East of Van Dyke to Lorraine from Central north to Potomac.
Thursday— West of Van Dyke from I-696 south to the southern city limits including the north side of Wood Street.

Solid Waste

All solid waste (garbage) is to be placed in proper containers of not more than 35-gallon capacity or size, or placed in 35-gallon plastic garbage bags, not to exceed 60 pounds each. All solid waste shall be placed by the curb not more than 24 hours prior to pick up day.

All items that cannot be placed in either cans or bags must be tied in bundles not to exceed four (4) feet in length and not to exceed 60 pounds per bundle.

Bulk items such as furniture, appliances, etc., are to be placed at the curb side for pick up on your designated pick up day.

Appliances such as refrigerators with doors removed, air conditioning units, humidifiers and any other appliance containing a refrigerant will be picked up by placing the appliance at the curb on your designated pick up day at no charge to the resident. Please call GFL or Center Line City Hall no later than the day prior to your designated pick up.

Items Not Picked Up: Household batteries, vehicle batteries, paint, motor oil and building materials.

Brush Clipping

GFL provides the City of Center Line with excellent sold waste, yard waste, and recycling services. GFL also provides brush chipping services. Brush chipping is done on Wednesdays and the guidelines are listed below:

§  Large brushis defined as pieces of brush longer than 4 feet in length but not exceeding 10 feet, no greater than 4 inches in diameter and generated by the homeowner not a commercial company, single family homes only. It does not include branches or limbs greater than 4 inches in diameter, stumps or dirt balls. Please place large brush at the curb on Wednesday with all butt ends facing in the same direction, toward the street.

§  Please try notto allow brush to extend over the sidewalk or the curb.

§  For the safety of workers, all branches with thorns must be placed in yard waste paper bags or containers or tied and bundled for collection under the normal yard waste program.

§  Small brushwill be picked up on your normal garbage day. Place small brush in yard waste bags or garbage cans marked “Compost” or bundled for collection. Free compost stickers are available at city hall.

Compost and Yard Waste

1.      All yard waste including grass, leaves, plant materials, and brush are to be placed in containers, no larger than 35-gallon receptacles, that is clearly marked with a "COMPOST" sticker or in brown paper bags.

2.     Each yard waste receptacle must have a "COMPOST" sticker affixed to it and be clearly visible from the street.

3.     COMPOST container stickers are FREE.  Yard Waste containers that are not identified by a "COMPOST" sticker affixed to the receptacle, WILL NOTbe picked up by the contractor.

4.     Stickers are supplied free of charge and can be picked up at the Center Line City Hall during regular business hours Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Yard waste in plastic bags cannot be picked up.

Regulations Regarding Fall Leaf Pickup

Residents must place the leaves in the proper receptacles to be picked up by the waste haulers. This is a service that is included in your solid waste bill. All residents will be required to use the curb side yard waste pick up by placing their leaves, in the fall, in the proper yard waste receptacles or "kraft" paper bags. Failure to comply with this new policy will result in an ordinance violation, pursuant to the City of Center Line Code of Ordinances, Section 62-19, Leaving, depositing, spilling, etc. materials on the street.

Holiday Pickup

As a reminder to all residents, solid waste, recycling and compost scheduled for pick up on a legal holiday will be picked up on the next regular business day. GFL observes the following holidays:

§  New Year’s Day

§  Memorial Day

§  Independence Day

§  Labor Day

§  Thanksgiving Day

§  Christmas Day

When the above holidays fall during the week, the collection schedules will be moved to the next weekday.

Additional Information

Since yard waste is picked up by a separate truck, any one of the other materials may be picked up several hours prior to or after the pickup of your solid waste and recyclables.  However, it is necessary that yard waste, recyclables and solid waste be placed at the curb no earlier than the evening before the scheduled pick up, and no later than 7:00 a.m., on the pickup day.  This will ensure that all solid waste, yard waste, and recyclables will be picked up in a timely fashion.  Failure to place your waste containers during the required times, will result in your containers not beingpicked up.

Yard Waste is picked up only from April 1st to November 30th of each year.  However, solid waste and recycling will be on a year-around schedule.

If you have any questions or concerns, or you wish to notify GFL of a special pick up on your designated pick up day, i.e., refrigerator, stove, etc., please call one of the following numbers:

GFL (866) 772-8900 or (844)464-3587
City of Center Line (586) 757-6800

Working together, residents can make a difference in providing a safe environment in their home and help stop the unnecessary waste of recyclable items being deposited in landfills.