Chapter 62, Article I, Sec. 62-10, of the Center Line Code of Ordinances states, in summary that no vehicles are to be parked on the city streets during a snow emergency.


Snow emergencies (including freezing rain and/or sleet) will be called by the City Manager on the basis of forecasts by the U.S. Weather bureau or other weather service when an accumulation of snow is expected such that parking of vehicles on the streets would restrict snow plowing and/or salting activities. Snow emergencies will be announced and terminated via cable television - Channel 5 of the Comcast Cable system and Channel 10 of the Wide Open West Cable system, unless streets are thoroughly cleared of all snow and ice from curb to curb.



plowed streetVehicles remaining on the City streets during snow emergencies may be subject to towing and/or ticketing. Residents are asked to remove their vehicles from the city's streets during a heavy snow fall, even if a snow emergency is not called, to allow D.P.W. employees to thoroughly clean the streets of snow and ice.

Residents should be aware that, in order to thoroughly clear snow from the streets, it may be necessary for the snow plows to make several passes down each street, causing snow to be deposited in driveways. If at all possible, please wait until your street has been totally cleared of snow before clearing you driveway approach. This will eliminate the need to clear this area more than once.



 Snow Removal Information

Depositing of snow onto city streets is strictly prohibited.

Violators will be prosecuted.

In accordance with City Ordinance and State Law (Public Act 82 of 1978), individuals and/or contractors are prohibited from depositing snow, ice and or slush in any roadway, intersection or City right-of-way so as to obstruct motorists vision or travel. Also, it is a violation of ordinance for contractors to deposit snow, ice or slush removed from business properties or parking lots onto private residential property.

All snow removal contractors working within the city limits of center line are required to obtain a business license from the city. This license can be obtained during normal business hours at the municipal building.

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