Department of Public Works Department

6685 E. Ten Mile Road
Center Line, MI 48015
Gary McKinney


Recycling Information

Center Line's official burgundy recycling bin is provided to each residence. All containers should be rinsed out before being placed in the recycling bin. Do not use plastic grocery bags for your trash or recyclables. Diapers are not recyclable. Additional bins are $8.00 each, lids are $3.00 each. For yours, or to purchase extra, call 586-758-8278.




Recycling Instructions

Acceptable Material Guidelines
Cardboard & Paper Bags - Flatten Cardboard and cut into pieces.  No wax costed cardboard.
Paperboard - No wax coated paperboard
Magazines & Catalogs
Junk Mail - Envelopes, flyers, brochures, postcards, etc.
Phone Books
Newspaper - Remove bags, strings and rubber bands
Pots & Pans - Kitchen cookware
Empty Aluminum Cans
Empty Steel and Tin Cans
Plastic Jugs and Bottles #1 & #2
Household Plastic #3 thru #
Empty wood containers only
Plastic Bags - Most retail and grocery bags
Empty, Clear Glass


Unacceptable Materials Guidelines
Paper Milk Cartons
Paper Juice Cartons
Styrofoam Containers/Packing
Propane Tanks
Paint Cans
Colored Glass
Medical Waste
Flammable Liquids
Household Cleaners
Chemicals (Dry or Liquid)


Plastic Reference Guide
Type 1 - Plastic soft drink and water bottles, catsup, mouthwash and salad dressing bottles.  Peanut butter, mayonnaise, pickle, jelly and jam jars.
Type 2 - Milk, water, juice, shampoo, dish and laudry, detergent bottles, yogurt containers, cereal liners, grocer, trash and retail bags.
Type 3 - Clear food and non-food packaging, medical tubing, electrical cable insulation, plastic pipes, fittings and carpet backing.
Type 4 - Dry cleaning bags, bread and frozen food bags, squeezable bottles e.g. honey, mustard, BBQ sauce, etc.
Type 5 - Catsup bottles, yogurt, containers, margarine, tubs, medicine and vitamin bottles, etc.
Type 6 - Compact disk jackets, food service applications, grocery store, egg containers, aspirin bottles, cups and plates.
Type 7 - Three and five gallon reusable water bottles, some citrus juice and catsup bottles.
*See bottom of container for plastic type


The Center Line Recycling Center located at the Department of Public Works yard is closed permanently. All recyclables should be placed at the curb side in the proper recycling bin provided to each resident.