Department of Public Works

7:30a.m. and 4:00p.m. Monday - Friday


For after-hour or weekend emergencies please contact the Center Line Public Safety Department at 586-757-2200.


Pick up for 2015 begins on March 31.

Water Billing & Maintenance 

water faucetFor information on your water/sewer bill, or for water turn on or shut off information, please contact city hall at (586)757-6800.

For all other information please contact D.P.W. at (586)758-8278.

 Brush pick-up

BrushPickUpBrush pick up is done on Wednesdays. If you have any branches, trim limbs or large brush that needs to be picked up please place it on the easment along the curb. The city's truck will be by to put these items through the shredder. We ask that brush and tree limbs be placed with ends facing in the same direction. All other items which fit into brown kraft yard waste bags will be picked up by Rizzo Services on your regular solid waste pick up day.

Hazardous Waste Materials 

hazardouswasteThe Macomb County Health Department, Household Waste Program, located at 43524 Elizabeth Road, Mt. Clemens, will accept gardening, automotive and household products. Oil base paint must be taken to the Hazardous Waste Division. Call the hotline number at (586) 469-7923 in advance for disposal hours and for a list of items accepted which also includes medication disposal. (Latex paint can be placed out with regular refuse as long as the lid is off of the can and the paint is dried up with sand or kitty litter).

For more information visit Hazardous Materials--Macomb County

Recreational Vehicle--RV Dump Sites

Protecting Our Ground Water

Clinton River Watershed Council--Tips

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