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City of Center Line

Center Line is a small close-knit community of 8,257 residents located in Macomb County in Southeast Michigan. Nestled inside the state's 3rd largest city, Center Line is a small town in a metropolitan area. 

City Hall News

In preparation for the dedication of the city hall municpal complex to the memory of Mayor Dave Hanselman, some repaving and other upkeep is going on at city hall. Please know that if you have a loved one memorialized with a brick paver outside city hall, it may be rearragned to a new area near the clock, but is being done with respect and with proper maintenance so they will be properly taken care of in longevity. Further news about the dedication will be posted as it is available. 


JUNE 24, 25, 26

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clean up day


11th Annual

City Wide Clean Up Day

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DTE Tree Trimming in 2016

DTE will be trimming trees for safety in 2016. DTE will contact residents and business owners prior to work. See below for more information.

Tree Trimming Map

DTE Sample Letter

Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place 

Sewer Warranty Letter


A new mailing will begin April 1st, 2016 from Service Line Warranties of America. Click Here for more information.

Absentee Voter Information

If you will be turning 60 years of age on or before 08/02/2016, you can be placed on a permanent absentee voter list to receive an absentee application for every election. Call City Hall at 586-757-6800

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No Roof Left Behind

Accepting nominations through June 1, 2016 for homes in Macomb and Oakland counties. Click Here for more information.

Sewer Warranty Letter



A new mailing will begin April 1st, 2016 from Service Line Warranties of America.
A reminder letter will be sent approximately April 15, 2016.

If you receive this letter, please understand the following:

This program is endorsed by the NATIONAL LEAGUE OF CITIES, and WAS endorsed by the Center Line City Council on October 6, 2014, who felt it was important that residents have this option offered to them.

Although this program could have included royalties for the City of Center Line, the City Council insisted that any savings shoud be passed directly onto the water and sewer users who choose to have such waranty coverage.

Many underground water and sewer lines on private property in the City of Center Line are in excess of 50 years of age, and may become a financial burden to the property owners should they rupture, or be encroached upon by tree roots. Many times residents are burdened with cost exceeding $3,500 per repair.

Please understand that the City of Center Line and National League of Cities endorsements DO NOT require your participation: nor are you required to purchase such warranties for water and sewer lines from Service Line Warranties of America.

The City of Center Line encourages you to research competitive pricing should you desire such warranty coverage.

For more information regarding Service Line Warranties of America, please go to or call the City of Center Line City Manager at 586-757-6800.