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City Treasurer Mark Knapp

Sidewalk Repair Program Update

Letter to Property Owners 11-4-2015

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Automatic Payments

Download the Signup Form Here

The City of Center Line is offering you the opportunity to pay your tax and water/sewer bills through our Direct Payment Service. By sending in a completed enrollment form, your bills will automatically be deducted from your specified checking account on the bill due date. You will have the option of signing up for the Direct Payment Service for both your tax bill and your water/sewer bill, but you can also opt to sign up for only one or the other if desired

Please continue to pay your bill as you normally would until you receive notice from the City of Center Line that you have been signed up for this service. The City offers this program to you at no charge. Most financial institutions do not charge for this service either. Please contact your financial institution if you are unsure. Once signed up, you will still receive bills from the City for the services (i.e., tax and water/sewer) you have elected to pay via the Direct Payment Service. If you decide to cancel, simply stop by City Hall or write to the City of Center Line:

Attention:  Direct Payment Service
7070 East 10 Mile Road
Center Line, MI 48015

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact us, Monday – Friday between 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at 586-757-6800.

Online Services

Residents, Real Estate Agents and Title Companies can access utility bill balances and more, including running comparable sales figures for properties using a variety of filters such as time of sale, square footage, etc.  Click here to be taken to the service site.

A drop box is located by the front door of City Hall. You may leave your bills with a check or money order (no cash please) in the box.

Center Line Finance Dashboard

Any user can browse and search the 1,800+ Michigan municipalities stored in Munetrix. You can quickly identify a municipality's fiscal score, address, phone, website, population, and Google map location. Click on the link show below for more information.

Summer taxes are due July 1. August 31 is the last day for payment of all real and personal property taxes without penalty. Beginning Sept 2nd, a penalty of 3% will be added to any unpaid balance of real or personal property taxes. In addition to the penalty, interest at the rate of 3/4% (.0075) will also be added on September 1 and at the beginning of each following month through February of the following year. Thereafter, taxes are payable only to the Macomb County Treasurer.

Winter taxes are due December 1, and February 28 is the last day for payment of all real and personal property taxes without penalty. If the 28th falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, payment must be in by the close of business the next business day. Thereafter, taxes are payable only to the Macomb County Treasurer.