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Center Line, MI 48015

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City Council

Bob Binson, Mayor - Email

James Reid, Mayor Pro Ten - Email

Ron Lapham, Council Member - Email

Peter Harenski, Council Member - Email

Richard Moeller, Council Member - Email


City Council Meetings

Council meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Council/Court Chambers of the Municipal Building. ALL MEETINGS, whether Regular, Special or Workshop, even though they may not be televised, are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Residents of the community are invited to attend to view firsthand the operations and decision-making process of the Council and to provide their input into the workings of the City.

The first meeting of each month and various special meetings are televised via both cable systems in Center Line and can be viewed on Comcast's CHANNEL 5 and Wide Open West's CHANNEL 10.

Typically, Workshop Council meetings are not televised; however, they are still Public Meetings, advertised as such, and are open to attendance by the public.

Elected officials, administration and staff, are here to serve your needs. All decisions made by the City Council and/or the Administration, whether they directly affect each and every resident personally at the time they are made, are made with long-term goals for the welfare of the entire community in mind. Decisions made are not targeted to any one individual or group of individuals, nor are they made to purposely burden residents and/or business operators of the community. All decisions made by Council are made at public meetings; attendance at Council meetings is encouraged and input from the residents is welcome during the Citizen Communication portion of the meeting.

Previous City Council Minutes can be found by clicking here.