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Pavilion 2

Subfacility of Memorial Park

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•Registration for pavilion rental begins February 1st each year for Center Line residents.  Pavilions open to non-residents after May 1st each   year. Photo ID is required.

•Dates cannot be held without payment in full.  Book weekend dates early-our park will sell out!

•There is a $50 security deposit required on all rentals
Flat weekday $50
Weekend $75 (Resident/Non-Profit)
Weekend $100 (Non-Residents/Corporate)

•No cars may be driven into parks, including drop off-setup so please plan accordingly.  No alcohol without permit. No dogs or other animals in    the park at anytime.  Bounce houses may not be brought in without special permit.  To check availability, please call the Rec Center at 586-757-    1610.

•No additional fee to reserve baseball diamonds, tennis courts, basketball courts, or other amenities.  See full list below.
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