New Façade / Exterior Improvement Grant Program

City of Center Line Downtown Development Authority Board of Directors Approve New Façade / Exterior Improvement Grant Program

Center Line, Michigan - The City of Center Line DDA Board of Directors recently approved an expansion of their Façade Grant Program for businesses located in the DDA Development District. According to the DDA Director, Dennis E. Champine, the new grant program will allow businesses to make improvement to almost any aspect of the exterior of their property. "DDA business owners now can take advantage of DDA grant dollars by renovating, redevelopment, sign upgrades, parking lots and landscaping of their business property in general." Champine pointed out that, "Our downtown businesses will have the opportunity to upgrade most any aspect of their property exterior and qualify for up to $10,000 in grant funds." The "Façade/Exterior Improvement Grants" are available so long as funds are available. In addition to this change in the grant program, businesses who install "green infrastructure" parking lots and/or landscaping bio-swales can qualify for up to $10,000 on that type of project. Champine said, "If you are rebuilding a parking lot, a business can qualify for up to $5,000, however, if the business incorporates "green infrastructure" applications to a parking lot improvement or landscaping, they could qualify for up to $10,000." "Green Infrastructure" has proven to reduce storm water impact on the underground storm water infrastructure, as storm water is diverted directly into the earth via a porous parking lot or landscape retention/bio-swale.


If your business is located in the Center Line Downtown Development District, then you can take advantage of this grant program by filling out the Façade/Exterior Improvement Grant Application (PDF). For more information, give Dennis E. Champine a call at 586-757-6800 or email him.

Façade/Exterior Improvement Grant Program Buildings / Businesses

Check out these businesses who have already taken advantage of the Façade/Exterior Improvement Grant Program:

  • Rinke Chevrolet/Buick/GMC
  • Dairy Freezzz
  • Martin's Ham & Corned Beef
  • TeRoma's
  • 26328 Van Dyke Avenue
  • 26336 Van Dyke Avenue