Beautification Commission


The Commission meets on the first Wednesday of the month, April thru November, at 7:00 pm in Center Line City Hall.

Center Line Is Blooming!

Spring flowers sure do brighten up the city. Your summer plantings will do the same. Remember that beautiful gardens, interesting gardens, secret gardens, and more can all be nominated for Beautification Awards. Mid summer we'll be asking for nominations. You can certainly nominate your own yard, or any others in the City that look wonderful.

Now is the perfect time to plan and plant.

Gardening Help

Have a gardening question? Call between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for local help! The Macomb County Extension program through Michigan State University (MSUE) has experts available by phone.

Beautification Committee Paper Retriever Bin

The Beautification Committee works hard to keep Center Line looking beautiful, but it takes more than just hard work to plant and care for the flowers and other decorative plants. It takes money to buy the necessary supplies. Now you can help the beautification committee raise the funds it needs without spending a dime. Just take all of your magazines, mail, newspapers, and other paper to the green and yellow recycle bins located in the southeast corner of the City Hall parking lot (7070 East Ten Mile Road). 

Recycling your papers in these bins is good for the environment and good for Center Line. Please remember to shred any documents containing personal identification. The bins also cannot accept cardboard or phone books.

View Beautification Commission Gardens

David W. Hanselman Beautification Recognition 2016 Sign with Pink Flowers Behind
Paper Retriever Bin