Article IV - City Manager

Section 2-52. - Appointment, Term, Compensation.

The Office of City Manager is hereby created. The City Manager shall be appointed by the City Council, and he shall hold office at the pleasure of the Council. The City Manager shall receive such compensation as is determined by the Council.

(Code 1962, Section 2-101)

Section 2-53. - Powers & Duties

The duties, authorities and responsibilities of the City Manager are as follows:

  1. He shall be the chief administrative officer of the city and shall be responsible only to the Council.
  2. He shall enforce all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the city or its inhabitants in any public utility franchise or in any contract.
  3. He shall attend all meetings of the Council and may participate in any discussion, but he shall not have the right to vote on any question.
  4. He shall keep the Council fully advised at all times as to the financial condition and needs of the city.
  5. He shall be responsible to the council for the efficient administration of all city departments.
  6. He is hereby empowered to act as personnel director of all city employees, subject to the provisions of the charter.
  7. He shall perform such other duties as may be required of him by ordinance or by the direction of the Council.

(Code 1962, Section 2-102)